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Commisioning Spartacus

Along 2020 Royal IHC has decided to expand his commissioning team with Rene Nederlof as commissioning coordinator mission equipment aft ship for the biggest cutter suction dredger in the world. Based on his track record in commissioning of complex (dredging) vessel we were assure he would be from added value to gain the necessary progress in a structured way and deliver the requested quality during commissioning of the main- and auxiliary spud installation. Although it was challenging and the circumstances where difficult Rene together with support of his team members could manage the job in such a way that IHC as well as our client took the benefits out of it. With his knowledge, craftsmanship and dedication about electronics and automation within commissioning of  ‘state of the art” dredging vessels he took care of the daily business and reached the mid/long terms commissioning milestones in line with the overall commissioning planning.

Robert Leeuwestein - Team Lead Commissioning - Royal IHC

Commisioning Maas and Mersey

From the end of 2020, Rene has done construction supervision and commissioning for Van Oord for the water injection vessels Maas and Mersey from the moment the ships came to the Netherlands as a hull. The ships have a diesel electrical installation with a battery package. The ships have a high degree of automation based on the VOCAM/VODAS platform. Rene was responsible for the entire electrical installation which consisted of a ship's section and the water injection installation, as well as testing the IO points and the software.

Rene is a pleasant person to work with and has thorough knowledge of electricity, plc's and automation. In addition, he works precisely and structured and stands for his work. Rene strives to achieve a high level of quality and does what is necessary for this.

All in all, Rene is a good team player who can cover the electric package while also creating a good atmosphere in the team.

Rick Jansen - Project manager Maas en Mersey

Vox Amalia - Van Oord

René was added to the project team “new construction VOX AMALIA” on April 8, 2019. The VOX AMALIA is an “in house” trailing suction hopper dredger designed by Van Oord and built in Spain. The ship was commissioned at Damen Shipyards in Schiedam.

Within the Van Oord project team, René was responsible for completing the engineering and electrical installation on board the Dredge Control System (DCS) and interfacing the DCS with the dredging equipment. The DCS is used for the control and monitoring of all dredging equipment on board. During the completion of the DCS, various changes were made to his electrical installation and the I / O cabinets of the DCS on his advice. After all cables of the DCS were connected and the changes in the I / O cabinets were ready, the I / Os of the DCS were tested and commissioned under his leadership. During the testing and commissioning phase, daily progress meetings were held under his leadership, in which, in addition to the Van Oord project team, subcontractors Alewijnse, Ingeteam and Hycom were also involved and managed.

After commissioning at Damen, the DCS and the dredging equipment were further tested during port and sea tests. After successful trials, the Vox Amalia started on March 15, 2020 on the first project, a foreshore replenishment at Den Helder.

Rene is a pleasant person to work with, he works in a serious and structured manner, and he also works well with various responsible persons from the Van Oord project team and the subcontractors involved in the project. Rene's knowledge and experience in the field of commissioning of dredgers have contributed to a safe and technically successful commissioning without incidents.

Gerard Alkema - Project Manager - Ship Management - Van Oord

Royal IHC Bonny River site Manager electrical

Royal IHC has hired Rene as site manager electrical & automation for the commissioning period of the TSHD Bonny River that Royal IHC had built by COSCO Guangdong China. Royal IHC was also responsible for the entire electrical and automation installation of both the ship and the dredging installation.

The Bonny River is a Complex Trailing suction Hopper dredger with two suction pipes, one of which is equipped with an electric underwater pump, allowing dredging to a depth of more than 100 Meters. In addition, the ship is prepared for LNG and has a DP2 notation.

Rene's activities were: coordinating and updating the planning with COSCO and the client on a daily basis, managing the electrical & automation commissioning site team which consisted of own commissioning engineers but also commissioning engineers from the many subcontractors. He was ultimately responsible for the commissioning of the various electrical and automation systems to be ready on time for HAT's SAT take-offs and FMEA tests, so that the ship could be handed over to the customer.

Despite the time constraints and the degree of difficulty of such a complex ship, Rene always managed to steer his team in a positive way and he ensured a good mutual atmosphere in the team. In addition, Rene has an extremely broad knowledge and experience of the commissioning process of such complex ships. As a result, he was also able to provide technical support to his team, and he was able to identify problems and bottlenecks in the planning on time and to come up with the right solutions.

Certainly thanks to Rene, the ship was handed over to the customer and he was the right man in the right place for us.

Teunis van Buren - Project Manager - E&A - Royal IHC

Commissioning mission equipment Bravenes

Rene has been involved as commissioning engineer in the commissioning of the mission equipment of the Bravenes. This is a fully automated fallpipe vessel that is suitable for installing stones on the seabed with extreme precision to a depth of 1000 meters. Typical activities of the ship are the leveling of the seabed prior to the installation of gas and oil pipelines (the so-called pre-lay), the subsequent deposition of these pipes and the stabilization of monopolies of windmills and other offshore constructions.

The activities of Rene involved the commissioning of the so-called mission equipment. This means the equipment on board that makes rock dumping possible and consists of a fully automatic fall pipe tower that serves to launch a fall pipe and a discharge system of various feeder belts.

For both systems, Rene from August 2017 to May 2018 successfully provided both the pre-commissioning and the final commissioning. This was not an easy task as it was an innovative one-off ship with a very far-reaching degree of automation. Since the Bravenes platform systems were completely built by Van Oord, Rene's task was very complex. Van Oord is very satisfied with Rene's assistance and the results he has achieved; an operational ship.

In addition to his professional attitude and broad knowledge level in the field of commissioning and automation, Rene is a very co-operative and pleasant colleague and he is a real team player. We as a team also had an instructive and enjoyable time, despite the many challenges that came our way. Rene also mastered the art of coaching younger and inexperienced colleagues in the complex playing field of mechanization and automation.

Rene knows how complex systems need to be tested and commissioned in a logical and clear manner. For the Bravenes project, Rene has therefore also proved to be of very great added value. We therefore wholeheartedly recommend the services of Rene.

Johan de Graaf - Project Manager - Ship Management Department - Plant Design & Construction

Svanen gripper update en mobilisatie

Svanen gripper update and mobilization

For the modification and mobilization of our heavy lift installation vessel “Svanen”, René has been (attracted)contracted to strengthen the Van Oord project team.

René was responsible for a large number of Electrical systems aboard of the Svanen, which had to be overhauled, adjusted and / or renewed. In addition, René has provided guidance to the installation of the new gripper, of which the planning was under a lot of pressure.

During the project, René received a more coordinating role between the electrical equipment, software and automation part, so that communication between the various disciplines improved and functional optimization was achieved.

This project has benefited from the versatility and flexibility that Rene offered. Finally he went to the project location in England to put several systems into operation.

As nicely as we worked together during the installation of our cable-laying vessel “Nexus”, we are pleased again with the efforts of René. We are proud and satisfied to have again delivered a well-functioning system aboard.

Gerry Mensink - Project Manager - Van Oord (May-2016)

Volvox Terranova modification

In 2016, René was involved as a commissioning engineer in the preparation and implementation of the repair and modification of the TSHD "Volvox Terranova" in Singapore.

Following a mine incident in 2014, the entire ship had to be overhauled, re-commissioned including a new PLC SCADA system and a new frequency controlled underwater pump and jet pump drive plus subsystems.

During this period, I have come to know René as a driven and accurate professional who made the existing and new installation his own in a very short time.

This was especially proven in discussions with suppliers in which René showed that he knows the ins and outs of the installation by heart. Due to his detailed knowledge, he has observed and partly solved many pain points in system integration in time, saving valuable commissioning time.

Rene also showed the same characteristics, accuracy and enthusiasm during the performance of work in Singapore. He made it his and our ultimate goal to rebuild the ship in the original version. In this process, cabinets and cabling were made original or schedules were made as built which resulted in a substantially trouble-free ship, completed in December 2016.

And last but not least, René is a team player who sets his goals and the goals of the team in which he operates high, but he knows to maintain a pleasant working atmosphere.

Frank de Waard, Project Manager PMR, Van Oord SMD. (December-2016)

"For the new building project of the Nexus, the new cable layer vessel of Van Oord, René was hired to provide assistance to the electrical section of the cable lay equipment. During the project René has also taken some of the automation regarding the cable lay equipment on his behalf. René was supervisor of the connections between the different components on board with the corresponding system integration. Subcontractors were timely informed and where necessary driven. In terms of progress and planning René managed to set the priorities.

René is an experienced specialist with good knowledge of all kinds of electrical systems, communicates openly and well, is flexible, loyal to the project, while a pleasant person to work with. Thanks to the efforts of René we have a high quality and well-functioning electrical system on board."

Gerry Mensink - Project Manager - Van Oord

“I hired René for a few months to prepare all electrical items for a docking of one of our vessels. I experienced that René is a Professional with a lot of knowledge of Electrical Systems and he is specialized in Dredging Automation Systems. He is pleasant to work with, trustful and flexible.”
Daan Baljet - Manager Electrical & Automation - Van Oord, July 30th 2012

"Building a self propelled custom build heavy duty cutter suction dredger is not an easy exercise even if it is build at a shipyard that is familiar with this kind of vessels. Mainly this is due to the fact that such a vessel is completely integrated from front to aft and that everything is custom build. Building this vessel at an Asian Shipyard can easily be called a challenge, moreover since it is the first custom build heavy duty cutter dredger ever build in Asia.

Steel construction and piping is still well known at such a yard, but as the building proceeds more and more specialism’s are required that are unknown in this area of the world. And when it comes to pre-commissioning and commissioning and the managing of it, the yard pulls out. It is in that stage of the project that René became active in the Al Jarraf project.

From the start of pre-commissioning René organized the daily meetings, communicated with all involved parties on the yard (yard, electrical subcontractor, hydraulic subcontractor and local subcontractors) and also communicated with the European involved parties in orders to get their commissioning engineers on the right time at the yard. Furthermore he made sure that the planning could be followed as good as possible, that I/O was checked properly, supervised the flushing of the fuel, water and oil systems on board and arranged that all these actions were done in the right sequence. If necessary he checked I/O himself on board the vessel.

Al Jarraf was delivered on the 20th of June 2011, and René did a great job. For the moment René is working on our second cutter dredger under construction in Singapore."

Sven Stroo - Projectmanager Deme, October 5th 2011.